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NEWSFLASH: Fighting in Toomaltia Continues —

The decades-old, on-again, off-again battles in the tiny, brutally impoverished, sub-Saharan country of Toomaltia flared up again two months ago. They have continued almost unabated ever since. To date, 178 men, women, children and other people—which represents over five percent of the population at the start of the fighting—have died in the current round of […]


The CustFrust Way —

CustFrust Food Products Inc. is a global leader in the production of prepared custard products. In the past, the mainstays of its business were its Jar/o/CustardTM, Tin/o/CustardTM, Tub/o/Custard TM and Cup/o/CustardTM products. However, lately, it has taken the culinary world by storm with its innovative Hardened/Custard/on/a/StickTM. Breaking the normal food manufacturing sales mold, CustFrust sells […]


Product Review: Errnomore —

Many people have long enjoyed the benefits of spelling and grammar checkers in word processing software, but these features are not perfect. For example, typos that result in legitimate, but unintended words will not be flagged by the spelling checker. And grammar checkers occasionally flag sentences that are grammatically correct, while ignoring ones that aren’t. […]