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Do-It-Yourself Solar System —

Holy crap! I just received an email with the following subject line: “Do-It-Yourself Solar System for Everyday Homeowners!” And here is the body of the email (minus links and a lot of hidden, white-on-white text): Simple Do-It-Yourself Solar System Literally Saves $1000′s One Man Completely Eliminated his $200+ Monthly Electric Bills!


Spamming for Dollars —

I hate spammers. I despise their penis-enlarging, breast-firming, diet-accelerating claptrap that overloads my email inbox. These cankers of electronic communications pollute the Internet with their effluvia. But even more than I hate spammers, I hate the incredibly stupid people who fall victim to them. I know it’s politically incorrect to call people stupid, but screw […]


Evolution —

The exceptionally strong evidence indicating that all complex life on this planet is a result of evolution, not divine creation, is clear and irrefutable. After viewing the antics of politicians in legislatures, can any intelligent, rational human being doubt for even one moment that we share a common ancestry with apes? What’s not widely recognized […]