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Moishe Gimple. The Toddler Years. —

Continuing the biography I began earlier, the following examines Moishe Gimple’s toddler years. This was a happy time, but not for Moishe or the Gimple household, nor for any family within a twenty-seven block radius. The Second World War had been over for a couple of years when Moishe entered toddlerhood. Peace reigned. The soldiers […]


Moishe Gimple. In the Beginning. —

After I wrote about Gimplesfolly Day, people expressed their regret that, despite extensive Web searches, they had not been able to find any further information about Moishe Gimple. The study of this fascinating character’s history has been one of my passions for some time. I’m delighted to share my knowledge. The long-awaited, joyful moment at […]