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5 Wealth-Generation Rules

There are just five rules you need to know to earn imaginable wealth. Just five.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any of them. Not one. In fact, I can’t even imagine what any of them might be.

So, if that’s what you are looking for, look elsewhere. If your email inflow is anything like mine, the spam that fills up your email inbox might be a good place to start. Just don’t hold me responsible if the recommendations presented there don’t pan out.

OK, maybe it’s six rules. Or four. Or one hundred. Or one. How the hell should I know? I just made it up. But making stuff up doesn’t seem to be an impediment to presenting yourself as an expert these days—including making up the “fact” that you’re an expert; or the “fact” that Internet-based (including email) so-called “experts” routinely make stuff up.

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  1. The fact that the title of your post uses the words “wealth-generation” and “rules” and that you don’t land in the spam filter establishes you as an expert in this field. Use your power! Nigerian scammers long for such credibility????

  2. Oluseye says:

    That was still interesting anyway.. Got caught up with the headline. Anybody don’t like to read tips of wealth generation?
    I bet No!

  3. Bobby says:

    Las, what an entry. What you say is true actually. Nowadays anyone can fake it to present as an expert on basically anything you can think of. I don’t think it’s a ‘sad paradox’, as many claim. Not that they’re wrong, or completely wrong. Just kidding, of course they’re not wrong. Anyway, my fisrt shought was that it’s actually pretty funny, and one can end up portraying himself as a funny person by pretending to be an expert.
    Hmm, curious, I could’ve sworn I began reading about the secrets to earn big money and live happy with it.

  4. A friend says:

    It is curious how people start reading an article, a post or even a book by just looking at the title, even without knowing its content. To be honest, I actually got caught by the title, I mean, who will not be attracted with the idea of becoming rich by just following 5 simple rules? It would be the same thing as saying “hey everyone!!! would you like to become one of the most intelligent people in earth? well, you will achieve it by following this 6 rules..”, of course you will read that post. Anyways, although your post did not offer actual rules to become wealthy, it was hilarious.

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