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BYTE-ing Satire



Want to read something funny? BYTE-ing Satire’s collection of fifty-two light-hearted essays offer humorous and witty—and sometimes controversial—looks at those areas of technology that can be just a bit, and often considerably more than just a bit perplexing and perturbing.

With a focus squarely on humor, these enjoyable essays examine: The need of many people to be always connected, while rarely truly communicating; The certainty that any technology that can be set to an evil purpose will be, no matter how noble the intent of the inventor; The inevitability that our gadgets will become obsolete within minutes of taking them out of the box; The assurance that the pairing of “easy-to-use” or “intuitive” with “technology” in any sales and marketing literature will form an oxymoron; And much more.

If you’ve ever picked up the latest, greatest electronic gadget (or just viewed it from a safe distance) and thought, even for a moment, “there has to be a better way,” or “whatever possessed me (or whatever would possess me) to buy this worthless electronic bobble?” or if you’ve ever had the almost uncontrollable urge to heave your brand, spanking new gizmo against the nearest brick wall, BYTE-ing Satire is for you. If you throw it against the wall, it won’t break.

The best part is that the book does not come with any buttons to press, ring tones to download, software or hardware to fail, batteries to buy and constantly recharge, or instruction manuals to get frustrated with; and no one will disparage you for reading it in a quiet restaurant — assuming, of course, that you’re there alone rather than using the book as an excuse to ignore the other people at the table. If, on the other hand, you are someone who likes buttons and those other incredibly annoying things, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, in a style that will be appreciated by both the digital literati and the digital illiterate, BYTE-ing Satire will provide chuckles, laughs and the occasional guffaw for technical gurus and technology illiterates alike, so you might want to avoid reading it during weddings or funerals.

If BYTE-ing Satire is not available for special order or, preferably, on the shelves of your favorite bookstore then you should definitely jump up and down, yell and scream until the manager of the bookstore agrees to order it just to get rid of you. Joel does not condone the use of violence for this purpose. Use your own best judgment. Or, you could just buy it online by clicking the Amazon links here.
Buy the book or the clown gets it!

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