To worry is to be. To be is to worry.

About Joel

Over the years, Joel Klebanoff has been a computer programmer, an information technology marketer, a writer and a worrier. The latter three are still ongoing. In addition to being one of his vocations, worrying is also his only hobby. The publication of his first book, BYTE-ing Satire, added two new fears to Joel's extensive list of phobias. First, he was troubled by his absolute certainty that no one would buy the book. Second, he was concerned that there is a chance, infinitesimally tiny though it may be, that he is wrong and someone will buy it, recognize him and ask for his autograph, which would embarrass him to no end.

In addition to having written a book, he writes copy for marketing material, articles for trade publications, a series of “Tech Tirades” published by MC Press, on which BYTE-ing Satire was based, and shopping lists. (At least, he seems to recollect writing shopping lists. The need for him to create lists of any kind is a result of his memory not being what it once was. Very little of him is what it once was.)

Joel is also president of Klebanoff Associates, Inc. (Right. As if anyone else would be president of Klebanoff Associates.)

Joel has the foolish notion that he might actually be able to earn a decent living from his pursuits. He thinks that would be a good thing. He things that being obnoxiously rich would be even better.

Joel was born and raised and still lives in Toronto, Canada. He will probably die there, but hopefully not in the immediate future.

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