To worry is to be. To be is to worry.


Joel Klebanoff is a worrier, writer and marketer … in that order. Writer and marketer place a very distant second and third.

So why should you explore his site? He’s been wondering that himself. Self-esteem is not his thing. (Talking about himself in the third person is.) Never mind. You’re already here, so you might as well take a look around.

Find out about Joel on the “About” page. Duh.

So far, Joel has only one book published. (Unless, of course, he was too lazy to update this Web site after his other books were published. That would be just like him.) The best way to make sure that he doesn’t get a second book published is to not buy his first one. But he really would rather that you did, buy it that is.

As much as you may or may not love it, do you ever feel frustrated by your use of technology or other people's use of it to facilitate unbearable rudeness? Of course you do. So does Joel. Read about it in his Technology Rants.

Joel thinks that one of the stupidest, most time-wasting things for both writers and readers that has ever been introduced to the Web are blogs, so of course he had to create one.
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